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Tips for Using Hostas Direct's Website

Best method to view our plant pages:

1)  Create an account:  so you can use a “Wish List” to keep track of hostas you are interested in, "Compare" to view the characteristics of two plants side by side, and other website features. There is no obligation to purchase.

2)  Click on Buy Plants

3)  Click on the plant family you are interested in viewing

4)  To the right of View as:  there is an option for "Grid" or "List"  Click “List”  This method will give you the largest pictures and some summary information.  If you select Grid, you will see small pics that are difficult to view.

5)  In “Show”  select  “50”   (To the right of the Page 1 2 3 4 5) to view 50 products per page. 

6)  Scroll down with the scrolling bar on the right hand side

7)  Click any of the large pictures to open up detailed information and more pictures

8)  To see another page click Page 2, and then 3, etc


Top Right of Website

Log In: Create an account or log in to save orders, create and save Wish List and Compare Products.   Saving orders is especially useful for speeding up your checkout process. When you log  In the "Log In" button will say, "My Account." 

Wish List: You need to log in to access Wish Lists. You can click "Add to Wish LIst" for any product, and write comments next to it in your Wish List. You can also select and order from your Wish Lists.

Compare Products: Click "Add to Compare" on any plant to compare two or more varieties. Comparing puts each plant's characteristics side by side.

Search Box: The search box searches for "Hostas for Sale" as well as those in the "HostaSearch" database. If you're only interested in "Hostas for Sale," click the tab on the top left of the website.


Searching for Hostas, Heucheras, Heucherellas and Other Plants

Number of Plants per Page: On the top or bottom right in "Hostas for Sale" or "HostaSearch," you can select how many plants (12 to 96) show up on each page.

View as Grid/List: Select "grid" or "list" towards the top upper left or bottom left. Grid shows more plants per page, so you can see more pictures but less information. List shows fewer plants per page for more detailed descriptions.  When in "grid" you can add products to your cart without going to the product page by clicking "Quick Add to Cart."

Sort By: Sort by Name, Price, and more!

Narrow your Searches (Left column): Select options in the left column (size, maturity, etc.) to narrow your search. At the top of the column you can cancel options by clicking the small "x" or "Clear all" to start a new search.

HostaSearch criteria: In the top center of the "Hostas for Sale" page, you can narrow your searches for plant name, price range, free hostas, or descriptions. Note that this also searches hostas in our database, not just hostas we sell.

Add a Growing Tip (on product page): Share your experiences and wisdom for a specific variety with other gardeners. (Click the variety for Growing Tips.)

Quick Add to Cart: In "grid view" you can add products to your cart without going to the product page by clicking "Quick Add to Cart."