Quilted & Crinkled Bundle

A shade-friendly assortment of 5 mixed Advanced Starter and Starter TC-sized Hosta with a corrugated or quilted texture to the foliage. Refreshed for 2017!

Hosta 'Frances Williams' (Starter TC size) Blue-green with a wide irregular margin of chartreuse to yellow; varies from elongated to more rounded.

Hosta 'Maui Buttercups' (Starter TC size) Starts the season with leaves that are chartreuse and turns to a very bright gold later. It's rounded leaves are deeply cupped, puckered, and held upright to give it a sculptural look. Heavy substance provides good slug resistance. Leathery, heavily rugose leaves have a unique sheen.

Hosta 'Dream Weaver' (Advanced Starter size)Leaves are round and have a pure creamy to white center and a wide blue-green margin, lightly cupped and corrugated.

Hosta 'Paradigm' (Starter TC size) Hosta of the Year 2007. Fast-growing, slug resistant, sun tolerant, seersuckered, good veins and huge. The center turns gold in enough sun.

Hosta 'Wishing Well' (Starter TC size) Huge, cupped, rippled, and corrugated leaves! Prized for holding its blue coloration long into the season! Good growth rate!