Memorial Bundle

A shade-friendly bundle of 4 Starter TC-sized hostas, designed to honor all the brave men and women who've given their all in service to our great country.

Hosta 'Purple Heart' Glossy, light lime green to medium green heart-shaped leaves with reddish-purple leaf bases where they meet the petiole. Unique short petioles that are so dark maroon they're almost black! Good slug resistance, neat compact habit.

Hosta 'Patriot' Hosta of the Year in 1997, with one of the brightest and widest white edges of any hosta. Combined with the deep green center, it is stunning! It has a rapid growth rate and thus ideal for borders.

Hosta 'Praying Hands' Looks like no other hosta! Unusually tight, folded dark-green, crinkled leaves and yellow-gold margin turning white on the end of a long, upright petiole. Hosta of the Year 2011.

Hosta 'Remember Me' Emerging with a bright gold center changing to cream with a green margin. Attractive heart-shaped leaves. It can brighter up a dark area with the brilliantly white centers!