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Lose a hosta tag? Forget your plants' name? Use HostaSearch™ to find your hosta out of the 6,400 hostas in the database! Over 5,400 pictues to help you verify your hosta!

Benefits of the HostaSearch™ Database

  • Compare hostas:

    Purchase your hostas after knowing what all of your hosta options are. Compare up to eight photos for some hostas, and search using 70 different plant characteristics including: slug resistance, color, size, leaf shape, textures, leaf characteristics, bloom color, petiole color and fragrance.
  • Save time:

    Rapidly let the HostaSearch™ Search Engine find hostas with the criteria you choose, instead of having to search through catalogs or numerous websites. Much of this information cannot be found easily or at all elsewhere. Select your criteria, and the search engine will find the needle in the haystack fast!
  • Save money:

    You will find great hosta prices. We sell disease free, quality Starter Hostas (TC) hostas Advanced Starters (TC) hostas and Mature Division hostas.