Hold-A-Pots™ terra cotta pot holder

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A simple, low cost way to make your garden extraordinary!

Uses for Hold-A-Pot™ pot holders

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These hold a 4 to 10" Terra Cotta plant pot to almost any vertical surface while keeping the pot level!


  • Herbs, hanging vines, bulbs, orchids, garlands, vegetables, fruits, annuals and perennials. Shade or full sun.
  • Vertical surfaces: wood, stucco, dry wall, vinyl, wrought iron, chain link fencing, plastic fencing and siding.
  • Decks, posts, mailboxes, fences, trellises, trees, greenhouses...endless possibilities!
  • Citronella candle holders, candles, or bird feeders (use saucers for feeders).
  • A gift for any occasion!


  • Keeps plants out of reach from rabbits, rodents, and slugs.
  • Makes space and adds height to your garden. Creates good drainage and air circulation.
  • Prevents stains on decks and patios.
  • Safe. Winds, kids and pets will not knock the pot off of its Hold-A-Pot(TM)
  • Gives your garden more flexibility--get more plants in a smaller area!
  • Turns "eye sores" (posts, walls and fences) into blooming color.
  • Can be used for Terra Cotta Pots from 4 inches to 10 inches in diameter.
  • Holds up to 90 pounds. Each Hold-A-Pot(TM) is 6 inches long and 1 inch wide.
  • Can place plastic pots inside the Terra Cotta pots. No repotting required.
  • Made of durable, all-weather, sun-resistant plastic. Can be custom painted to match any color.
  • Use with sphagnum moss to retain moisture. Use adhesive to adhere pot saucer to pot.


  • Simple, taking as little as 30 seconds to install. It is always best to pre-drill the holes for your screws.
    • Wood: use the enclosed rust-free wood screws.
    • Plaster, Drywall or Vinyl Fencing: use the plastic anchors that screw into your pilot holes.
    • Aluminum or Vinyl Siding: use self-tapping aluminum screws available at any hardware stores.
    • Masonry Block, Brick, or Stucco: use 1/4" masonry drill bit for pilot holes. Insert an anchor - use masonry screws.
    • Wrought Iron and Chain Link Fencing: either drill a 1/8" hole and insert at No. 8 self-tapping screw or use two 6 to 8" self- locking nylon tie cords (like electricians use). Pull the cords through the locks tight and then snip off the excess.
    • Window Boxes: some window boxes have a lip similar to the standard pots. Use two Hold-A-Pots™ to hang these.
    • Pot Saucers: adhere to Terra Cotta pots by placing 3 or 4 "dime size" dabs of silicone rubber bathtub sealant on the bottom of your pot, set the pot in the saucer without pressing it down and allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours.

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