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Watch the HostasDirect educational hosta videos to learn about our business, products and a wide variety of hosta information. If you have a broadband internet connection and would like to see the hostas and images in higher quality be sure to press the HQ botton on the bottom of the video!

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    • Digging and Dividing Hostas Series

      A page with our complete Digging and Dividing Hosta Series. A three part video series on how to dig and divide hostas. Part one reviews garden tools and preparation, part two is a digging hostas tutorial, and part three is a video of Tom Carlson explaining his way through dividing the dug hosta. Watch the Digging and Hosta Dividing series.

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    • After Your HostasDirect Hosta Order Arrives

      A video tutorial about what you can expect and how to handle and plant your hosta order to get the most out of your purchase. The hosta in the review is American Sweetheart

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    • Hosta Fertilizing Tips and Tricks

      Tom Carlson gives examples of some of the best hosta fertilizing tips and techniques. Tom shows both liquid and granular hosta fertilizing methods and explains how things are done at HostasDirect including fertilizer concentrations and methods.

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    • Watering Your Hostas Options

      Watch as Tom Carlson demonstrates several hosta watering methods and explains how trees and shade can affect your hosta watering amounts.

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    • Bleached Hosta Leaves

      A short video showing and explaining bleached hosta leaves phenomenon.

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    • Reverting Hostas

      Hosta varieties can revert back to their parentage variety. Tom Carlson gives a visual example and explains how to treat reverting hostas

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    • To Divide or not to Divide Hostas

      A video showing the hostas variations, how it sets back a clump and certain hosta characteristics which can temporarily change in a hosta.

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    • Sun & Slopes

      Learn how hostas grown in sun and on slopes can affect your hosta's color change, erosion and more.

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    • Hosta Landscaping with Curved Hosta Borders

      Watch how curves in a hosta garden or any landscape are a simple way to add variety and beauty to any garden.

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    • Hostas or Grass?

      Turn any ordinary yard into a beautiful landscape with hostas.

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