Why buy from HostasDirect, Inc.?

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About HostasDirect

Since 2005 HostasDirect, Inc. has been selling affordable, quality, pesticide and disease-free plants in three maturities. Hostas, coral bells, and foamy bells are more disease-free plant genuses, but there are a few common hosta diseases  that our plants have never had because they are tested by our growers and grown in screened in greenhouses.

Plant diseases and foliar nematodes are heartbreaking!

Plant diseases and foliar nematodes are ugly, expensive, time consuming, frustrating, and at times impossible to remove once they are in your garden.  It pays to buy from a reputable supplier like HostasDirect and avoid bringing unknown diseases into your garden. Learn and see pictures of plant diseases.

Save big money at HostasDirect

  • Prices are often significantly below the average found at garden centers or listed in the Hosta Finder, a book listing vendors' prices by variety.
  • Shipping costs are often much lower than competitors and we offer FREE SHIPPING at $95.  
  • You save your time and gas money by buying online.
  • Many often hard to find plant varieties often sold in three maturities - Starters (TC), Advanced Starters, and Mature Divisions.  These different maturities also allows us to offer flexibility in offering low plant pricing and shipping costs.
  • E-newsletter provides EXCLUSIVE SALES, information, first look, new products and more. See past newsletters and earn rewards points by  signing up!
  • No sales tax outside of Minnesota or Wisconsin. Compare buying from us versus locally with our calculator.
  • We ship from our greenhouses in Hudson, Wisconsin, which is just 20 minutes from both a huge USPS shipping center and the St. Paul Minneapolis international airport.  Thus, our fresh plants go on planes to customers across the nation the same day and customers generally receive plants 1-3 days after we ship. Shipping dates depend on weather and time of year.  We ship via First Class Mail or Priority Mail.

Quality, well-packaged fresh plants

  • Carefully packaged plants arrive moist and in outstanding condition. We get MANY compliments and thousands of repeat customers!
  • All of our plants and products are grown or made in the U.S. (including products at our sister company, IDealGardenMarkers.com)

We provide a very informative, easy-to-use website

  • Free HostaSearch database is our world's largest searchable hosta database with over 7,000 hostas and 6,000 photos. Search HostaSearch(TM) and Hostas for Sale by 70 different hosta characteristics. 
  • Free HeucheraSearch database is our world's largest searchable coral bell database with many coral bells and photos.
  • Customizable shopping options like Wish Lists and Side-By-Side Comparisons, which you can save and make notes on when you create an account. Our technology and information allows you to make your best shopping decisions fast, easy, educational and fun!

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