Hostas, Heucheras (Coral Bells), Heucherellas (Foamy Bells) at Low Cost

Hostas, Heucheras (Coral Bells), Heucherellas & 30 other plant families

Hosta, heuchera (coral bell), heucherella and 30 other families sold since 2005 to 1,000's of customers in 49 states.
Shipping to the south starting mid-April.



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Due to new, revolutionary growing technologies such as bio-degradeable Elle Pots, HostasDirect's customers benefit by buying direct when possible and not spending extra for Mature Divisions or plants grown and shipped in large plastic pots.  Our Starter TC and Advanced Starter root systemsare more than ample and grow fast plus they grow naturally - not root bound like many large pots.     

  • Division cuttings can have an increased risk of slugs, foliar nematodes, hosta virus X and other diseases.  Plus, once a plant is divided it is set back the following year or two.  
  • Plastic pots are petroleum based, clog landfills, are hard to recycle, and detrimental to the environment.  We use and you receive significantly less plastic than most growers.

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Outstanding plants:

  • Top-quality - carefully selected by our experienced horticulturalists
  • Disease-free plants only
  • More than adequate root systems and foliage - review our pictures
  • Low-maintenance beautiful plants that perform well

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  • Monday through Thursday shipping during the season
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  • Plant guarantee for 30 days! 
  • Specific planting and growing instructions come with packaging and are online. 

 Great plant information and garden blog in our Learn section  

  • Our horticulturalists and company plant nuts take great pride in offering valuable information, how to plant and care for plants information and more

Specialties:  We offer over 30 perennial plant families for sale.  Obviously, we offer more varieties in some families than others

  • Over 100 hosta varieties and thousands of hosta plants for sale
  • Over 50 coral bell (heuchera) varieties and thousands of heuchera plants for sale 


Our IDeal Garden Marker business assures quality, long-lasting plant identification 


IDeal Garden Markers: one-stop-shopping for top-quality, customizable, compatible plant identification products

  • Stakes and Nameplates
  • Paint pens
  • Design online custom engravings and sun-resistant custom labels

IDeal Garden Markers has made it easy to

  • Find plant data for making your plant lists by providing links to plant societies
  • Simply cut and paste your plant lists into our Excel spreadsheet or manually type in and upload your plant lists into our Excel spreadsheet
  • Customize stake and nameplate configurations or design online your engravings and labels and order
  • Consolidate and reduce shipping costs
  • Speed delivery and reduce your ordering hassles