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About the Hosta Finder

Our prices are often up to 70% less than those found in the HostaFinder.

The "average market value" prices HostasDirect lists as a reference is the same as the "average plant price" in The Hosta Finder.  As HostasDirect often offers new plants 1 to 3 years before competitors, at times there is no Average Market Value listed for newer plants.

The Hosta Finder:  is a spiral bound, 8.5 x 11" black and white book costing $20 and produced annually by Steve Greene.  It is a reference for hosta distribution and pricing from over 40 hosta vendors.  It is sold primarily through hosta societies and plant clubs but is available online.

HostasDirect encourages our customers to compare as we compete very favorably in all areas including:

Plants listed in The Hosta Finder are likely what we call Mature Divisions.  Due to new, revolutionary growing technologies such as Elle Pots, HostasDirect believes gardeners benefit by buying direct and not spending extra to purchase Mature Divisions or plants grown in pots.  Mature Divisions can have the increased risk of slugs, foliar nematodes, hosta virus X and other diseases.  Plus, once a plant is cut it is set back the following year or two.  Plus, pots are petroleum based, clog landfills, and are detrimental to the environment.   Our customers love how we carefully ship plants.