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***Plant orders are closed for the season***

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Group Ordering Discounts

HostasDirect and IDeal Garden Markers are proud to offer discounts on large orders.

One way to increase order size and reduce the per item product price is to have individual group members purchase together at one time as a combined order.   Obviously, our costs to pick and package plants and garden markers and set up engraving machines, is lower per item on larger orders.  We gladly pass those savings on in addition to a discount.

Examples of groups that exist or may be formed to receive discounts for plants or garden markers are:

  • plant societies

  • garden clubs

  • businesses - employees organize and purchase at one time

  • religous organizations

  • neighborhoods

In general, a minimum order size required is:

  • HostasDirect - 100 plants

  • IDeal Garden Markers - 1,000 stakes, nameplates, engravings or labels

To learn more, please contact our customer service.