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***We are done taking plant orders for the season***

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Low-cost shipping and FREE SHIPPING

Inexpensive shipping is provided by HostasDirect because:

  • We do not ship heavy plastic pots that fill landfills and create a problem for you to dispose of
  • Although our plants have ample root systems we do not ship excessive soil
  • Our tested packaging materials are designed to be light weight but keep your plants moist and protected in transit
  • We chose not to build profit into our shipping costs

Free shipping at only $95 is also offered by HostasDirect:

  • It is more efficient for us to pick and pack larger orders so we pass the savings on to our customer with FREE SHIPPING at only $95 – which is very low in the industry.
  • Many competitors do not offer free shipping until the order total gets over $250

Shipping charges are calculated by weight and distance - not your order’s dollar value!

  • Unlike some competitors, we charge by the estimated weight of your order.