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Hosta 'plantaginea'

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Hosta 'plantaginea'

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The only fragrant species hosta; the mother of all fragrant hostas! Huge, very fragrant trumpet blooms. Beautiful shiny leaves. You might have seen it in your grandma's garden.
Differences between Starter TC and Advanced Starter plants
Hosta 'plantaginea'

Hosta 'plantaginea' (Starter TC)

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As the only species hosta that has fragrance, it is the mother of all fragrant hostas! Has also been called 'August Lily' or 'Fragrant Plaintainlily.' Has beautiful, light green, shiny leaves and 4" long, white, trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers. H. plantagenia opens its flowers in the early evening, so moths or crickets, rather than bees, aid in pollination. Can handle heat if watered. The largest flower of the genus hosta. Native to China, it was one of the first hostas brought to Europe about 300 years ago.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Year New at HostasDirect 2000
Growing Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Plant - Height 25"
Plant Size Large
Plant - Shape No
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Resistant Yes
Slug Resistant No
Plant - Wave Spacing 54"
Plant - Specimen Spacing 72"
Plant - Hosta of the Year No
Leaf Color (Center) Green
Leaf Color (Margin) Green
Leaf - Cupped No
Leaf - Corrugation Smooth
Leaf - Wavy/Undulated No
Fragrant Flower Yes
Leaf - Margin Size No
Leaf - Seasonal Color Change No
Leaf - Length No
Leaf - Width No
Leaf - Speckled No
Leaf - Streaked No
Flower - Color White
Flower - Scape Color No
Bloom Month(s) November
Petiole Color No
Plant - Patented No
Hybridizing - Parentage No
Hybridizing - Originator China
Hybridizing - Sport Of No
Hybridizing - Year Registered No

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Beautiful, but Fragrant!
This beautiful yellow-green hosta has large veined leaves that grow easily. It has very large, white flowers which are extremely fragrant - you can smell this flower from several feet away! I consider this to be a pro or a con considering if this is something you enjoy or want to avoid (I personally have allergies that make me prefer not to have the fragrant flowers, but you can easily cut the scapes and enjoy the gorgeous leaves). I'm newer to hostas and find this plant easy to grow and recommend it to beginners.
Review by Amber / (Posted on 8/24/2015)
Every Collection Needs One!
If you have a collection of hosta and do not have one, you need to buy one. The original fragrant hosta. The first to arrive in Europe that started it all.
Review by Devon / (Posted on 7/26/2015)