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***Plant orders are closed for the season***

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Points for Plants™ - easily earn FREE plants

   1 point per dollar       For all purchases on our website (excludes tax and shipping)   
100 points    Sign up for our email newsletter but you must register first
5 points    Submit a product review
5 points    Create a customer account on our website
3 point    Rate a product
1 point    Respond to a poll
$0.05    Use points to pay for your next order (1 point = $0.05)

Please see below for more details, terms, and conditions.

Get started now!  

Go to Account, My Account and then My Rewards area to start easily earning points!  You can create an account (and earn 5 points) if you don't already have one. Points can be used at checkout to pay for your order.  Each point is worth 5 cents towards your subtotal.  Keep reading to learn about how to earn points!

Contribute to our website

Help improve our website and earn points too!  Here are some things you can do:

Writing product reviews

  • 5 points per review, maximum 10 / day or 50 pts max / day 
  • Please note you must be an existing customer to get points for reviews

Rating products

  • 1 point per rating, maximum 5 / day or 15 pts max / day
  • Please note you must be an existing customer to get points for reviews

Loyalty purchasing program

Every dollar you spend on our website (excluding tax and shipping) earns one point for future purchases.

Additional Ways to Earn Points

Here are some one-time things you can do to earn additional points:

  • 100 points – sign up for our email newsletter - however, you must register first
  • 5 points – create an account on our website

Track your points

  • Points for Plants™ balance and transactions can be tracked in your My Account rewards area
  • A detailed table lists referrals and their status: signup, email confirmation, purchases, items purchased and total value of purchase
  • Subscribe to balance updates to get notified when your points balance changes

Terms and Conditions

  • You MUST be logged into your customer account to earn or apply points
  • Points expire 180 days from when they are earned
  • Points are not earned for and may not be used for sales tax and shipping costs
  • Rates and conditions for earning points are subject to change at any time

We appreciate your business, loyalty, improving the information on our website and telling your friends about our business!