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Hosta 'Fire Island'

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Hosta 'Fire Island'

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Beautiful red petioles that seep into the contrasting gold leaves.


Beautiful red petioles that extend into the brilliant greenish-yellow leaves that have a flat margin contrasted by the red! Slightly shiny on top, dull underneath, very wavy. The broadly ovate leaves are slightly corrugated with a distinctly ripped margin. Fast-growing. May be one of the best gold hostas, Lavender flowers in summer. Although the intensity of the foliage lessens in the summer, the intense spring effect is more than special. Lavendar flower are produced in midsummer. Best in full shade
Additional Information

Additional Information

Year New at HostasDirect 2007
Growing Zones No
AHS Rating No
AHS Mini Rating No
Plant - Ploidy Assumed Diploid
Plant - Bog Tolerant No
Plant - Density No
Hosta - Drought Tolerant No
Plant - Fun Name Places
Growth Rate Fast
Plant - Height 14"
Plant - Hosta of the Year No
Plant - Patented No
Plant - Patent Number No
Plant - PPAF No
Plant - Rhizomatous No
Plant - Shape Mound-like
Plant Size Medium
Sun Resistant Yes
Slug Resistant No
Plant - Wave Spacing 36"
Plant - Specimen Spacing 48"
Leaf - Base No
Leaf - Color Detail Greenish yellow leaf
Leaf Color (Center) Yellow Green
Leaf Color (Margin) No
Leaf - Cupped No
Leaf - Cup Direction No
Leaf - Flat Edge No
Leaf - Corrugation Smooth
Leaf - Folded No
Leaf - Twisted No
Leaf - Wavy/Undulated Intensely
Leaf - Piecrust No
Fragrant Flower No
Leaf - Substance No
Leaf - Margin Contortion Flat
Leaf - Margin Size No
Leaf - Margin Width (inches) No
Leaf - Seasonal Color Change No
Leaf - Shape Broadly Ovate
Leaf - Size 6.5" x 4.5" W
Leaf - Length 6.5
Leaf - Width 4.5
Leaf - Mottled No
Leaf - Speckled No
Leaf - Splashed No
Leaf - Streaked No
Leaf - Upper Leaf Luster Slightly Shiny
Leaf - Under Leaf Luster Dull
Leaf - Vein Color No
Leaf - Vein Furrows No
Leaf - Vein Pairs 7 to 8
Leaf - White Leaf Back No
Flower - Bracts No
Flower - Branched Scape No
Flower - Clustered Bloom No
Flower - Color Lavender
Flower - Double Blooms No
Flower - Reblooms No
Flower - Striped Bloom No
Flower - Inflorescence No
Flower - Pod Color Green
Flower - Scape Color No
Flower - Scape Height 20
Flower - Scape Height Range 18 to 20
Bloom Month(s) September
Flower - Season Late
Flower - Start-Peak-Finish No
Flower - Size No
Flower - Shape Tubular
Flower - Viable Seed No
Petiole Color Red
Petiole - Shape No
Petiole - Size No
Petiole - Variegation No
Hybridizing - Parentage [H. longipes hypoglauca H. 'Crested Surf']
Hybridizing - Originator B. Brincka
Hybridizing - Namer B. Brincka
Hybridizing - Introducer B. Brincka
Hybridizing - Registrant B. Brincka
Hybridizing - Sport Of No
Hybridizing - Tardiana Cross No
Hybridizing - Year Registered 1998

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Beautiful Fire
Definately one of the prettiest Hosta. Draws attention from fellow Hostapreneurs. You will not be unhappy with this Hosta.
Review by mike / (Posted on 5/28/2015)