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Heuchera, Heucherella, Tiarella

Heuchera, Heucherella, Tiarella

Heucheras, commonly called Coral Bells or Alumroot, are easy to grow, blend easily with most other plants, come in most colors and offer a variety of leaf and bloom shapes. Heuchera have a low mounding habit so they are often used as edging along paths or in containers. Coral Bell foliage is long lasting, salt tolerant evergreen. They grow most vigorously and have best color contrast when grown in partial shade (afternoon shade is best); in full shade their growth rate will be slow. In northern climates some varieties can take full sun if they have consistent moisture but their colors tend to fade with the intensity of the sun.

Foamflower or Tiarella is a native North American shade perennial known for its delicate, airy flowers. Many of these plants display a seasonal foliage color change, and some have a slowly creeping growth habit. Learn more at our Tiarella Information Page!

Heucherella (Foamy Bells) is a cross between Heuchera (Coral Bells or Alumroot) and Tiarella (Foam Flower). When combined, the resulting Heucherellas are a phenomenal medium to large plant with seasonal color change that can handle high heat and humidity - all the amazing, bright colors of a Coral Bell, with the ground-cover and prolific bloom habits of Tiarella! Learn more at our  Heucherella Information Page!

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Buy Heucheras (Coral Bells) – How to choose the right heuchera for you!


Are you a new gardener/new to heucheras?

HostasDirect often offers Heuchera Bundles and Heuchera Trios designed to give you a variety of colors, shapes, and textures to explore.

For an overview of the benefits of growing Heuchera, visit our Heuchera Benefits Information Page.

For a slideshow on important information about Heuchera, click through our Heuchera: Everything You Need To Know Slideshow, which includes basic information, planting and care, history, garden design tips, pest and disease ID & treatment, and more!


Are you looking for a specific color to add to your garden?  

Heucheras come in nearly the ENTIRE spectrum!  We have Pink Heucheras, Red Heucheras, Orange Heucheras, Yellow/Gold Heucheras, Green Heucheras, Purple Heucheras, and Black Heucheras (very dark foliage), as well as Silver Heucheras (heuchera with a silver leaf overlay).  HostasDirect also frequently offers a variety of rainbow-themed bundles with names like Rainbow, Spectrum, Aurora.  These bundles are selected to give a full or nearly full rainbow.  You can find them on our Heuchera Bundles Page.


Are you looking for a specific size for your garden?

The largest Heuchera plants are mostly limited to 12 inches, or a foot, tall. Their scapes, or flower stems, can get up to 20 inches tall!  Many Heuchera varieties are wider than they are tall.  We carry both Large Heucheras and Medium Heucheras.  

On the other side of the size question, we offer varieties of Mini Heucheras and Small Heucheras.  Mini Heucheras are generally only 6 inches tall!  They are widely used in miniature-themed gardens, such as Railroad Gardens and Fairy Gardens, and can also be used in Container Gardening.

To learn more about Mini Heucheras, please visit our Mini Heuchera Information Page.


What USDA Growing Zone are you located in?  What is your climate like?

Most Heuchera garden plants are hybrids of multiple wild species, and their Species Lineage will determine how cold or heat tolerant they are.  

All Heuchera are only hardy in the winters in zones 4-9, so knowing your location’s Growing Zone is very important.  The USDA has an interactive Plant Hardiness Zone Map on their website to find your zone.  If you live in a zone outside of that range, you can still grow Heuchera during the season, but it may die in the winter and not come back up in the spring.  

Many Heuchera also struggle with excessive heat and humidity.  There are species of Heuchera that can withstand more heat than others – HostasDirect offers Heuchera with H. sanguinea Species Lineage and H. villosa Species Lineage, plants that are bred from the two most heat-tolerant species of Heuchera.  These plants are perfect for the hot, humid climates of the American South.

To learn about all the different species lineages of Heuchera and see example varieties, visit our Heuchera Species Information Page.


Are you looking for certain flower colors or bloom times?

Heuchera flowers are beautiful, long-lasting displays that also attract a variety of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!  We offer White Flowered Heuchera, Pink Flowered Heuchera, Red Flowered Heuchera, Yellow Flowered Heuchera, and Purple Flowered Heuchera!  

Due to variation in between heuchera species lineages, there are Heuchera that flower at different times in the season – if you’re savvy (or if you just want to purchase our pre-made Bundles!) you can create a rainbow of flowers or a rotating floral display to last all season!


Not sure which Heucheras to buy together?

The array of colors (both foliage and flower) can be a little overwhelming in Heuchera.  HostasDirect offers many professionally selected Heuchera Bundles and Heuchera Trios with complementary colors to make it easier for you.  We have also put together an informational page on Color Garden Design to illustrate the basic color tenets of garden design.


Need more information on Heuchera growing, care, and maintenance in the garden?

Visit our Heuchera Information Pages to learn about Heuchera Care, Heuchera SpeciesHeuchera Propagation, Mini Heuchera, and Heuchera Videos.  Our Hosta Blog also offers gardening tips, including care, design, and any new information/varieties we happen across!