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Hosta and coral bell photo credits and information

HostasDirect, Inc. and IDeal Garden Markers sincerely thanks all who have helped us share their love of hostas, heucheras, heucherellas, gardening, and landscaping via their pictures and information with gardeners from over 154 countries that view our massive website.

Photo Credits:

Our goal is to continue to sponsor two of the world's largest searchable plant databases:

HostaSearch database (originated by Pat Mora): This unique, searchable hosta database allows 70 different hosta characteristics and hybridizing information to be easily searched and found. This database is for: your enjoyment, to help you make better shopping decisions and improve your gardens, to educate the public about hostas, and allow hosta hybridizers to research hostas to create new and better hostas.

HeucheraSeach database:  Heucheras (Coral Bells or Alum Root) continue to get better and better and hybridizers continue to focus on developing new varieties.  Our database allows users to search by a variety of plant characteristics.

Please contact us if you have photos, ideas, techniques, experiences, and knowledge about hostas and heucheras or you can post messages on our blogs. We prefer higher resolution pictures. Also, feel free to include photographs of IDeal Garden Markers with plants in your garden.  We are happy to provide 200 Loyalty Points ($10 value) for every picture that you submit that we use for plants we sell.  You can find a link to easily email us pictures above our plant photos.

Plant Pictures and Garden Credits

HostasDirect extends a special thanks to the following people who have provided hosta photographs or allowed us to photograph or video tape their beautiful gardens:

  • Nurseries: Q and Z Nursery (Mark Zillis, Mary Beth Vanous, Tom Toman) Shady Oaks Nursery (Julie and Gordy Oslund, Jackie Overland, Eileen Langford, Molly Benson), Walters Gardens (Barb Balgoyen, Hans Hansen), Terra Nova Nurseries, Briggs Nurseries, Emerald Coast Nursery.
  • HostasDirect: (Chris Alexander, Joe Husby, Laura Nelson, Mary Alexander, Bethany Husby, Rachel Torgerson)
  • Gardens made available for photos and videos (Steve Wafler, Kim Larsen, Betty Peterson, Dr. Robert Olson, Mark Robey, Jerry Williams, Gregg and Amy Peterson, Lisa and Andrew Putnam, Van Wade, Marcia Fluer, Paula Pierce, Bob Erdman, Mary Alexander, Bethany Husby)
  • Additional Photos: Bob Axemear, Pat Mora, Kathie Sisson, Karol Emmerich, Patsy Stygall, Ann Frederking, Don Dean, Ian Scroggy, Dave and Roberta Chopko, Tim Saville, Bob Kuk, Marcia Fluer, Paula Pierce, Beverly Stegeman. Joan Christensen, Tom Delaney, Deborah Manley, Karen Nettie, Tina Courtright, Annette Osterlund, Sue Zeeb, Joanne Gustafson, Amy Sieg, Jayne Bialon, Tina Courtright, Rhonda from Maryland, Deborah Manley, Karen Nettle, Margarita Diez, Marina Potehina, Lynne Vannatter. Kathleen Haas, Ellen Woltz, Theo Watanabe, Susan Jorgensen, Bill Ferrell, Valerie Engel, Ann H. Taggart, Lani Manzella,  Annette Laulund, Julie Dittrich, Andrea De Mink, Lisa Cooper, Bunny Turner, Phil and Gayloe Hartley Alley, Kitty Lambeau, Sophie Sandberg, Peter and Waitia Klapwij, and others. 

If your name has been left out of this list by accident, please notify us so we can give you proper credit.

Information Credits:

There are so many to thank!  In particular, thanks to:

  • W. George Schmid, author of The Genus Hosta and many other plant and garden books.
  • Dr. Warren Pollock, who writes extensively for the American Hosta Society.
  • Mark Zilis, outstanding horticulturalist and author many books on hostas

Thank you to our many hosta friends, and those that volunteer their time and energy in various hosta and plant societies, conventions, and contests.

Special thanks to key personnel at HostasDirect, Inc. and IDeal Garden Markers:

Joseph Husby, Senior Vice President -  builder of HostasDirect.com and IDealGardenMarkers.com web sites, operational systems, strategy and more.

Staci Revers, Growing and Shipping Manager - growing and shipping and more

Laura Nelson, Marketing Manager - involved with website design, content, research, marketing, strategy, advertising, sales, writing and more.

Mary Alexander, Shipping Manager - involved with shipping, growing, selecting new plants, copywriting, research, photography and strategy.

Lisa Rygg, Marketing Intelligience Manager - advertising, marketing, websites etc

Sue Broberg, Growing Operations - selects and grows plants, contributes to our websites and newsletter

Steve Lantz, growing, shipping, writing, website work and special projects.

Many indepedent workers working on a wide-range of projects including mechanical engineers, writers, and more.