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Astilbe (False Spirea)

Astilbe (False Spirea)

Astilbe (False Spirea) is a well-known and loved shade perennial with a beautiful variety of colors and forms. To learn more about Astilbe, visit our Astilbe Information Page. To learn about the differences between Astilbe species, visit our Astilbe Species Information Page.

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Astilbe’s striking, plume-like flowers and delicate, ferny foliage add color and texture to perennial gardens. They're frequently planted together with each other as contrasting varieties en masse.


Astilbe also complement other shade plants with big or broad leaves, such as hosta, heuchera, and brunnera. Astilbes are best at the front of the mixed boarder or lining pathways - you'll want a up-close look!


To learn more about Astilbe, visit our Astilbe Information Page!  You can learn about their care, possible pests and diseases, interesting facts, and the history and national origin of the plant! 


Astilbe are often hybrids between species; species lineage often determines key physical characteristics including bloom timing, flower shape, heat and humidity tolerance, and plant height.  To learn about the different Astilbe species and hybrids, visit our Astilbe Species Information Page!