About HostasDirectâ„¢, Inc.

Grown in the USA

HostasDirect, Inc. is a hosta nursery incorporated in Minnesota.  Owner and collector Tom Carlson and most of the staff are proudly certifiable "hosta freaks."  We have thousands of customers in 49 states, over 500,000 visitors to our website from over 158 countries, and over 17,000 readers of our e-mail newsletter.   We are fortunate to have an incredibly talented, big-hearted and hardworking person that built our software and unique websites, Senior Vice President, Joseph Husby.   Our shipping department, run by Buck Duncan and assisted by Mary Alexander and Karen Keeney, receives compliments from our customers for its meticulous and creative environmentally preferable packaging.  Laura Nelson oversees many operations in the business including marketing and advertising.  We have many others on our team and other more seasonal workers as well.  We have worked incredibly hard and invested a great deal of time, effort and money to be your best source for hostas and coral bell plants and information.

We accept and ship orders online from April-early May (weather permitting) until late September to mid October.  Please sign up for our e-mail newsletter so we can keep you informed of new plant introductions, exclusive sales, garden tips and more.

IDeal Garden Markers sells owner, Tom Carlson's, latest invention, a new, patent-pending plant identification stake and nameplate combination.  It solves all of the problems 1,300 gardeners expressed in our survey. You can create your own attractive weather and sun-resistant plastic labels and engravings on the website. You can receive updates if you sign up for the e-newsletter.

We are rated as a "Top 5 Hosta Nursery" by Dave's Garden.  Thanks for your positive reviews!  We appreciate all of our customers and wish we could meet them all.

HostasDirect's Mission is:

  1. To deal honestly with customers and suppliers.
  2. To provide high-quality, disease-free affordable hostas.
  3. To provide up-to-date plant and gardening information.
  4. To provide the largest and most comprehensive hosta and coral bell database and search engines.
  5. To offer practical and fun hosta, coral bell and other plant related products.
  6. To help reduce plant diseases through information and education.
  7. To help create beautiful gardens that add enjoyment to life and value to property .
  8. To make people happy and have fun!

Guarantee and Refund Policy

We guarantee our plants are in good condition and properly named when we ship them. All claims of damaged plants must be made within 14 days of receipt of shipment. Our liability is limited to the cost of the plants.   Once plants leave our facilities, they are out of our control.   Since 2005 we have had very, very, very few complaints about our plants.  We suggest you follow our growing instructions that come with each order.

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