Welcome to HostasDirect!

About HostasDirectâ„¢, Inc. - an online plant nursery

We are a 10 year old plant nursery that is incorporated in Minnesota.  

Our growing and shipping operation is close to Hudson, Wisconsin (just 20 minutes east of St. Paul, MN). It is located only 20 minutes from a major USPS package and mail processing center and the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport to assure fast and fresh plant deliveries nationwide.  

Most packages arrive in 1 to 3 days depending upon where you live.  See estimated delivery time if your order is shipped Priority Mail.  Our Hudson Wisconsin zip code is 54016.  

Why we are unique

You can save big money on plant and shipping costs.  We facilitate customers to grow their own starter plants instead of paying someone extra to grow them!   Growing our plants is easy.

We provide the same plants from the same vendors that garden centers purchase and pot up, grow for a short time and resell at much higher prices than we offer our starter plants.

Our Loyalty and Refer a Friend and related programs allow customers to earn points for not only purchases and referring friends but for improving our website with product reviews, ratings, etc.

Our Staff

Our staff is very ethical, honest, hard working, caring, and concerned with meeting customers needs.

  • Tom Carlson (founder and owner) and most of the staff are proudly certifiable "hosta and plant freaks."
  • Josephy Husby (Sr. Vice President) is a highly educated, experienced and talented computer hardware and software, website and technology expert with a great mind for business and efficiency.
  • Staci Revers (Manager) has a degree in horticulture and experience in running other large growing and shipping plant businesses. 

We have many other talented and hard working staff who are excited to provide you with the best quality plants!

Our customer base

We have thousands of loyal customers in 49 states, over 500,000 visitors to our website from over 158 countries, and thousands of readers of our e-mail newsletter (see past email newsletters) and Social Media sites.  

Our plants

Our plants are selected by experts and veteran gardeners.  They carefully select the best plant varieties from the best plant laboratories and growers.  We only deal with experienced, reputable suppliers that also virus index their plants and grow them pesticide free.

Loyalty Program

You have the opportunity to earn free plants through our Loyalty and Refer a Friend program.

Ordering information

We accept pre-orders online starting in about November and ship (weather dependent) from late March until mid October.  View our ordering information page to learn more.

E-mail newsletter

Earn points by signing up for our newsletter so we can keep you informed of new plant introductions, exclusive sales, garden tips and more.   And, help your friends, yourself and us by utilizing our Refer a Friend program and Rewards Program.

IDeal Garden Markers

IDeal Garden Markers is our other business that offers a variety of interchangable stakes, nameplates, engravings, labels, and paint pens.  The IDeal Garden Marker is owner Tom Carlson's latest invention, a new, plant identification stake and nameplate combination.  This product was designed after input from 1,300 gardeners that responded to our survey.

On our site, you can create your own configuration (stake and nameplate size, color, height etc) and design your own attractive weather and sun-resistant custom engravings and sun-resistant labels.  You can also order sun-resistant paint pens in a variety of colors and paint remover solvent.

HostasDirect's Mission

  1. Deal honestly with customers and suppliers.
  2. Provide high-quality, disease-free affordable plants.
  3. Provide up-to-date plant and gardening information.
  4. Provide the largest and most comprehensive hosta and coral bell database and search engines.
  5. Offer practical and fun hosta, coral bell, foamy bell and other plant related products.
  6. Help reduce plant diseases through information and education.
  7. Help create beautiful gardens that add enjoyment to life and increase property value.
  8. Make people happy and have fun!
  9. Provide nutritious, neonicotinoid and organophosphate free food to bees, butterflies, and all living things.
  10. Inform the public on environmental and safety issues they can easily help with.
  11. Employ as many people as we can, included those with disabilities, with good paying jobs.
  12. Provide the best plant identification products and services at affordable prices.

Guarantee for 30 Days and Refund Policy

It is important to please follow our growing instructions that come with each order. 

  • We guarantee our plants for 30 days and to be in good condition, disease-free  and properly named and labeled when you receive them. 
  • All claims regarding shortages, damaged plants, etc. must be made within 30 days of receipt of shipment. We will accept returns with full refund if packaged in the original shipping container with original labels and shipped back to us within 5 days of your receipt of the package. 
  • We are not responsible for any losses after 30 days including due to overwintering, lack of water, poor soil, poor growing location selection, pests, over-fertilizing, not covering your plants the first year in the fall, or other causes beyond our control.
  • Prices and inventory are subject to change. All prices are final.