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About Our Plants - Maturities We Offer

Starter (TC)

  • Also known as  tissue culture, plugs or liners
  • 6-36 mo. old, 1.75" w x 2" d pots
  • 3-7" roots & several leaves
  • Shipped in plastic cell packs that are placed in a cardboard box
  • 1-2 divisions (eyes, crowns, pips)
  • Disease-free- from plant labs
  • Generally weigh .1 - .15 lbs

Advanced Starters

  • Older, larger Starter (TC) (tissue culture, plugs, liners)
  • 1-4 years old, 3" w x 3" d pots
  • 5-9" roots & several leaves
  • Shipped with leaves in Elle biodegradeable pots or plastic
  • Many have multiple divisions
  • Disease-free- 95% from labs
  • Generally weigh .2 - .67 lbs

Mature Divisions

  • 1+ divisions w/ roots off a mature plant  from Starter (TC)
  • 3-15+ years old, grown in ground
  • Largest root systems & leaves
  • 1 or more divisions (shoots) w with roots off a mature hosta
  • Many have multiple eyes
  • Never had a disease complaint
  • Generally weigh .2 - .8 lbs




Starter(TC) (see below)

Some Starter (TC) are shown below with their special potting soil rinsed off untangled roots.  Many of these plants are grown in biodegradable "Elle Pots" that allow more air to get to the roots to increase root development.  These Starter TC are usually shipped with the potting soil and in cellpacks or individually wrapped in wet newspapers.  We are known for the quality of our shipping!    

(From left: 'American Sweetheart,' 'Blue Mouse Ears,' 'Climax,' 'Eternal Flame,' 'Rainforest Sunrise,' and 'Teeny-weeny Bikini.')

American Sweetheart tissue culture hosta Blue Mouse Ears tissue culture hosta Climax tissue culture hosta Eternal Flame tissue culture hosta Rainforest Sunrise tissue culture hosta Teeny-weeny Bikini tissue culture hosta

Starter (TC) after One Year of Growth in the Ground (See below)

These Starter (TC) below were planted in Minnesota cold on 11/9/08. These pictures were taken 9/9/09 (10 months later). Note: these are fast-growing hosta varieties that were grown in full sun (which often elongates leaves). They will be sold as Mature Divisions at 3-5 years of age. (From left: H. 'Dark Shadows,' H. 'Komodo Dragon,' and H. 'Rainforest Sunrise.')

Dark Shadows hosta after one year Komodo Dragon hosta after one year Rainforest Sunrise hosta after one year

Starter (TC) After Two Years (see below)

Left: H. 'Sum and Substance' after two years of growth. Right: H. 'Pandora's Box' after one and two years of growth.

Sum and Substance hosta after two years Pandora's Box hosta after two years

Starter (TC) Year by Year (see below).  Photos courtesy of customers Phil and Gayle Hartley Alley.

Hosta pictured below: H. 'Sugar and Spice.'   Perennials such as hostas "sleep" in the first year, "creep" in the second year, and "leap" in the third year.

Left: Starter (TC) after 1st year                      Center: Same plant 2nd year.                        Right: Same plant 3rd year.

Hosta Sugar and Spice year 1Hosta Sugar and Spice year 2Hosta Sugar and Spice year 3


Advanced Starters (photos below)

These Advanced Starers are generally grown in biodegradable Elle pots. The slight porosity of the paper Elle pot allows more air to get into the roots, leading to faster growth and larger root size. 

Note: if these roots were unfurled, they would be about 8 to 10" long (photo on far right).

Left: H. 'Fire Island.'  Left Center: H. 'Maui Buttercups.'  Right Center: H. 'Parhelion.'  Right: H. 'Independence'

Fire Island Advanced Starter hosta Maui Buttercups Advanced Starter hostaParhelion Advanced Starter hosta AS unfurled


Mature Divisions (shown below)

NOTE: LIMITED AVAILABILITY - NOT AVAILABLE EVERY YEAR. The Mature Divisions below are almost always started from our Starter (TC) or Advanced Starters (disease-free lab-grown plants) and grown outdoors in our carefully maintained nurseries. Employees wear sanitized shoes, and garden tools are sterilized for use at specific growing locations only. The deep soil is a well-amended combination of manure, wood waste, organic matter, and coarse sand. We remove foliage in the late fall, and may sometimes ship plants in this condition later in the season.

Sun Exposure Notice: About 60% of our Mature Divisions are grown in full sun to promote faster root growth.  As the season progresses, some mature divisions grown in the sun may develop aesthetic imperfections, such as: elongated leaves, reduced heights, bleached coloration, and browning and/or irregular leaf curling. Despite flaws in appearance, the root systems of sun-grown hostas are particularly large and have multiple dormant buds for next season’s growth.

Left: H. 'Chartreuse Wiggles.'                     Right: H. 'Lady Isobel Barnett.'  

Chartreuse Wiggles hosta Mature Division Lady Isobel Barnett hosta Mature Division

Mature Hosta Clumps (see below)

Note: The photo below shows the well-developed root system from a clump of a large sized hosta. Mature Divisions are removed from clumps - this is done carefully by hand (rather than with a knife) to reduce or prevent root damage.

Left: Webmaster and Senior VP of Operations with H. 'Regal Splendor' and H. 'Sum and Substance.'         

Right: Root system of a H. 'Lady Isobel Barnett'

Our webmaster Joe with some mature hostas Lady Isobel Barnett hosta mature clump


Special Notes:

We do our best to provide the best quality possible and to give an accurate representation of our plants. However, there are often factors outside of our control, such as:

  • Plants changing in size, color, and texture throughout the season and year to year
  • The amount of sunlight received and the impact this may have on plant appearance
  • Growth rates and unique genetic traits among different varieties
  • Varying sizes upon maturity

We often offer the newest plants on the market - often a season earlier than competitors. 

We put forth our best effort in preventing plant diseases and have never had a disease complaint.