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(or easily earn free plants or qualify for free shipping) that are guaranteed, high-quality, low-cost plants to buy and ship, well-packaged, disease-free and neonicitinoid free, bee friendly, butterfly friendly, bird friendly and selected, grown and packaged by reputable plant experts.


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For over 10 years HostasDirect has earned 1,000’s of highly-valued happy customers in 49 states of the USA! We grow in screened in greenhouses to avoid neonicitinoid pesticides and meet all interstate shipping plant regulations and new local plant laws. Our heuchera and hosta for sale do help the bees and butterflies, too.


Plant varieties for sale:

We are expanding soon but currently offer many varieties: 200+ hostas for sale, X heuchera coral bells for sale, and X heucherella foamy bells for sale in a wide-variety of sizes (mini hostas to giant hostas), shapes, & colors (blue hostas, green hostas, yellow hostas, white hostas and hosta combinations thereof), fast growing hostas or slow growing hostas.


Plant maturities – 3 sizes / ages:

Starter TC (aka tissue culture, liners, plugs - up to 70% off retail), Advanced Starter (up to 40% off retail) and Mature Divisions (20% to 50% off retail). Learn more about our different plant maturities.


High quality plant information:

X web pages of great garden plant and gardening information, an active gardening blog, 7,000+ hosta pictures, comments on plants from customers, hosta videos and gardening videos. Our HostaSearch™ is the world’s largest hosta database: search hosta plants by 70 traits, by their hosta hybridizer, the hosta’s plant genetics, fun hosta names, etc. You can also use HeucheraSearch™ to do the same things for Heucheras! Here are some of the characteristics you can search by:
  • Slug resistant hostas: easily filter through our database to find those hosta that that thicker and more slug-resistant leaves that slugs seems to have a hard time biting through.
  • Sun resistant hostas: easily search through our database to find hostas that are more sun-resistant or sun- tolerant hostas. Most are known for being shade tolerant hostas. Learn about sun and hostas.
  • Fragrant hosta: most have huge, beautiful hosta blooms and they are great for southern hosta gardens. Heat resistant hostas, or at least those that do better in the heat and sun, are often desirable but these varieties do well in the north as well. Just easily search our data base and read more about fragrant hostas.

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Our website is designed to be easy to search by heuchera, heucherella and hosta plants for sale, hosta and heuchera plant characteristics, and provides tools to compare plants you select side by side by their traits and pictures and easily place you selections in your wish list or just go ahead and easily check out. If you have a specific shipping date request, just leave it in the Comment area.


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