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Three maturities of plants:

  1. Starter TC (aka tissue culture, liners, and plugs) are 3 months to 2 years old. Save up to 70%!
  2. Advanced Starters are 3 months to 3 years old, grown in 3" pots. Save up to 40%!
  3. Mature Divisions are 3-15+ year old mature plants grown in the ground and divided.

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World’s largest database:

Search Hostas and Heucheras (Coral Bells, Alum Root) by introduction year, price, size, slug and sun-resistance, leaf color and size, bloom color and time, and 70 other characteristics!

  1. HostaSearch™ is the world’s largest searchable Hosta database with over 6,800 Hostas and 6,300 pictures.
  2. HeucheraSearch™ is a searchable Heuchera database with over 88+ Heucheras (Coral Bells, Alum Root) and 400+ pictures.