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Hostas, Heucheras (Coral Bells), Heucherellas (Foamy Bells) & other plants

Hosta, heuchera (coral bell) and heucherella (foamy bell) and other plants sold for 10 years to thousands of loyal customers in 49 states. All plants are pesticide free.
15% off ALL plants & FREE shipping at only $95!  

NEW!  18 stunning plant families added in 2016!  Astilbe, Tiarella, Sun Companion Plants and Shade Companion Plants!

NEW!  Hostas, Heucheras, and Heucherellas & old favorites in multiple maturities and sizes! 
Spring 2016 shipping schedule Limited quantities on some plants so order now!

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HostasDirect's plants for sale 


Our plant and website experts are committed to providing you the best experience!  We strive to provide

Bee, butterfly, bird, people and environmentally friendly plants are all we sell

Plant maturities in 3 sizes / ages / maturities

  • Starter TC: AKA tissue culture, liners, plugs up to 70% off retail
  • Advanced Starter: up to 40% off retail
  • Mature Divisions: 20% to 60% off retail

Largest selection of heuchera (coral bell) plants in the USA.  Lots of heucherella (foamy bells)  

Hosta plants for sale with many characteristics - click to learn more

Slug resistant hostas

  • Find hosta for sale with Use our online search tools to help you find hostas that have thicker and thus more slug resistant leaves
  • Search by Polyploid hosta
  • Triploid and Tetraploid often have thicker leaves, larger blooms, more upright leaves and wider margins than traditional Diploid hostas

Sun resistant hostas

  • Hostas are known for being shade tolerant plants but there are hosta varieties for your sunnier garden locations
  • Easily search through our database to find more sun-resistant, sun-tolerant hostas
  • Learn about how sun impacts hostas

Fragrant hostas

  • Most have huge, beautiful hosta blooms, forms and foliage
  • All have species plant H. plantaginea in their parentage
  • Are often sun and heat tolerant hostas
  • Great for southern hosta gardens (even to zone 9a) but also northern gardens to zone 3
  • Learn more about fragrant hostas

Miniature to regular heucheras and heucherellas


Outstanding gardening and plant information  


 Efficient, secure websites for all ages, skills levels and compatible with Smart Phones

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High-quality gardening and plant information

World’s largest searchable hosta and heuchera databases

  • HostasSearch™ offers 7,000 hostas searchable by 70 characteristics, hosta hybridizers, hosta plant genetics, fun names, etc. It is like a hosta library
  • HeucheraSearch™ does almost the same things only specific for heucheras

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 Thousands of happy customers in 49 states for over 10 years!  Thanks!

We are plant freaks and gardeners ourselves

  • Owner Tom Carlson is a hosta expert and speaks at garden clubs
  • Others on staff have hundreds and even thousands of different hosta, coral bell and heucherella varieties growing in their beautiful gardens

Environmentally preferable growing and business operation

  • Do not heat greenhouses in the middle of winter and cool as naturally as possible in summer to reduce energy consumption and keep our prices low  
  • Little plastic is used in our growing operation or during shipping
  • Do not buy plants in or grow in thick, big plastic pots that are often difficult to recycle
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle when ever possible

Plant society memberships, journals and knowledge

Horticultural universities and bee lab are close by

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  7. Photos: How you use IDeal Garden Marker products

Before you go to much work, please contact our Customer Service Department with your ideas to see if we might indeed be interested in using them


Our IDeal Garden Marker business assures quality, long-lasting plant identification 


IDeal Garden Markers: one-stop-shopping for top-quality, customizable, compatible plant identification products

IDeal Garden Markers has made it easy to

  • Find plant data for making your plant lists by providing links to plant societies
  • Create and upload your plant lists via Excel spreadsheets
  • Customize stake and nameplate configurations or design online your engravings and labels and order
  • Consolidate and reduce shipping costs
  • Speed delivery and reduce your ordering hassles


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