Hostas (Starters)

Hosta 'Cat's Eye'

Hosta 'Cat's Eye'

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Hosta 'Cat's Eye' (Starter TC)
MINI HOSTA - Maybe the smallest of all the hostas. Very pretty and interesting, Handles some sun. Cover the first year.

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A charming little hosta with gold leaves neatly edged in dark green margins creating the illusion of "cat's eyes." Forms a clump only 6" wide by 3" tall. Elongated leaves are topped with tiny, striped lavender flowers much like its parent, H. venusta. "Dan Heims brought this Hosta back from Japan a number of years ago. I think when we translated the words on the tag and they said 'small hosta'. We decided that was not a name and gave it something more fitting." (Gary Gossett)


Additional Information

Year New at HostasDirect 2004
Growing Zones No
AHS Rating No
AHS Mini Rating No
Plant - Ploidy Assumed Diploid
Plant - Bog Tolerant No
Plant - Density No
Hosta - Drought Tolerant No
Plant - Fun Name Animals
Growth Rate Slow
Plant - Height 3-6.99"
Plant - Hosta of the Year No
Plant - Patented No
Plant - Patent Number No
Plant - PPAF No
Plant - Rhizomatous No
Plant - Shape Rhizomatous
Plant Size Mini
Sun Resistant No
Slug Resistant No
Plant - Wave Spacing 10.5"
Plant - Specimen Spacing 14"
Leaf - Base No
Leaf - Color Detail Green Margin Yellow Center
Leaf Color (Center) Yellow
Leaf Color (Margin) Green
Leaf - Cupped No
Leaf - Cup Direction No
Leaf - Flat Edge No
Leaf - Corrugation Smooth
Leaf - Folded No
Leaf - Twisted No
Leaf - Wavy/Undulated No
Leaf - Piecrust No
Fragrant Flower No
Leaf - Substance No
Leaf - Margin Contortion No
Leaf - Margin Size Narrow
Leaf - Margin Width (inches) 0.25
Leaf - Seasonal Color Change No
Leaf - Shape Lance
Leaf - Size 3" x 1/4" W
Leaf - Length No
Leaf - Width No
Leaf - Mottled No
Leaf - Speckled No
Leaf - Splashed No
Leaf - Streaked No
Leaf - Upper Leaf Luster Dull
Leaf - Under Leaf Luster No
Leaf - Vein Color No
Leaf - Vein Furrows Insignificant
Leaf - Vein Pairs No
Leaf - White Leaf Back No
Flower - Bracts No
Flower - Branched Scape No
Flower - Clustered Bloom No
Flower - Color Lavender
Flower - Double Blooms No
Flower - Reblooms No
Flower - Striped Bloom Yes
Flower - Inflorescence No
Flower - Pod Color No
Flower - Scape Color No
Flower - Scape Height No
Flower - Scape Height Range No
Bloom Month(s) May
Flower - Season Early
Flower - Start-Peak-Finish No
Flower - Size No
Flower - Shape No
Flower - Viable Seed No
Petiole Color No
Petiole - Shape No
Petiole - Size No
Petiole - Variegation No
Hybridizing - Parentage [H. venusta]
Hybridizing - Originator Japan
Hybridizing - Namer No
Hybridizing - Introducer No
Hybridizing - Registrant No
Hybridizing - Sport Of No
Hybridizing - Tardiana Cross No
Hybridizing - Year Registered No

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